Velvet Ventures

Being home is different. Different meaning alone. Back in college, every day is filled with people. As you walk to your classes, as you eat in the dining halls, and as you flash your ID as you walk into your respected high-rise: you are never alone. But at home, you are doing things on your own. While at college, your friend on your hall may join you to go get some groceries or walk with you to any location on campus if you ask, but at home, you are taking your hometown by storm all alone (or hey, with a couple of hometown friends, but let’s be real, you’re definitely more prone to being alone at home).

I don’t know about you guys, but so far my summer has been filled with working, tanning & sleeping. Catching up from that year at college is necessary considering you probably slept 5-6 each night, on top of spending day and night studying, going to fraternity parties, or spending 4 hours at the dining hall eating and doing that online French homework that’s due at midnight. It has been kinda lonely, not gonna lie to you. This summer has made me think. Truthfully, alone time is important. As much as we don’t wanna admit it, time at college is ridiculously busy and there’s no time to sit and listen to what is actually going on in your head to be able to understand it. My alone time has been filled to the brim with admiration for Zoe Hart’s wardrobe, Serena Van Der Woodson’s attitude and many boy problems, and a ridiculous amount of online shopping. This summer I hope all of you can find one fashion role model to mirror all summer. As for now, mine resides at Vanessa Hudgens. She has a very bohemian, easy and casual style, yet wears it with such pride and confidence. I have been trying to study and master her aura, but it includes the search for some new clothing pieces to inspire how I style myself each day. Take that alone time and run with it; it will give you the ability to look into your inner self and see what you can find.

This look is from one of my favorite online shopping go-tos, Forever 21. This velvet slip-on tank really explores your inner Victrola (Gossip Girl Reference, click here to see what I am talking about), while keeping it classy and keeping everything covered. These velvet trends extend from 2000 BC, and have only increased and fit the new styles as time as passed. This piece is perfect for a day out with friends, or to spunk up your downtown looks with some sexy lace and velvet. The black jean skirt, as mentioned in in the last blog post, is a very versatile piece. I wear it with just about anything.  My favorite black hat is again, mentioned in my first & favorite blog post. I’m telling you, this thing is a necessary piece! This Altar’d State hat adds a little bohemian flair to her look, while keeping it still classy and sassy. In my eyes, jewelry wasn’t entirely crucial. Because of how beautifully crafted the velvet shirt is, I think it is so much of a statement piece that a big necklace is not needed. If you want to add a small little choker or gold necklace, go for it! Each ensemble should mirror your style & only yours.

This ensemble exemplifies confidence and blends a sexy aura into this everyday look. Each and every day, I encourage you to be confident in who you are and how you look. Your originality is what makes you you, so keep that in mind as you work out, as you style yourself, and as you take on everyday. I have learned that it is better for everyone to refuse to look at the negativity in your life, or the negativity others have said about who you are, and become dependent on yourself and how you impact others. This idea is way more important and inspiring than whether or not your friends approve of an outfit, or a big life moment, like a career or a first date. If it makes you happy, keep it coming, because you are the one in charge of your life, and no one can change that. What makes you feel confident? Comment below!


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