Sweet Sista: Personal Styling Expedition Two

Hello friends — I am back and ready for a summer of fashion fun! My first post back-in-action is dedicated to my sweet sister. She has always been an inspiration to me to work my hardest at what I love, so I wanted to give back by helping her find her own inner fashionista! Emma Cate has millions of hand-me-downs and clothes she NEVER wears (even though our mom buys her plenty), so we took advantage of those and put 5 brand new outfits together for many different occasions. Check out the new looks below — Emma Cate now feels confident and sassy and cannot wait to show off her new looks at school, dinners with friends, or even a first date with a cute boy!

Emma Cate’s style is like every teen growing up as a millennial — FAST. The trends are constantly changing, but Emma Cate wants to create a style for herself that is sophisticated, trendy, and a little bohemian. Each look has flares of each, and works well with one another to create a cohesive look she can dress up or dress down. She wanted looks that were versatile and that had variety, which we pulled off in the end. I was very excited to work with my sister on this one — she had so many pieces I loved and never saw, and now she knows exactly how to wear them!

This first look was inspired by Emma Cate’s want for sophistication in her closet. As we searched through her closet for new pieces she has never worn, we found a comfortable, black, linen pair of joggers. These pants can be worn in a casual setting with a hunter green or white comfortable tank, or as sassy and fun as this look entails. I paired these pants with a white crop top that splits in the back, and a pair of platform sandals with a subtle metallic flare to complete the look. This look is comfortable, but shows her sassy self for wherever she wants to go next. To piece the entire ensemble together, I added a metallic choker to play off of the shoes.


Being the younger sister — she owns about half of my closet. We found this skirt from my many, many hand-me-downs and wanted to incorporate it into a look for school, a first-date with a crush from class, or something fun out on the town with her friends. Pairing these two pieces together fits her style and who she wants to be — the confident gal she is. This hand-crafted top matches perfectly to the skirt’s deep red color, and pulls those colors out of the top to create a clean, bold look for any occasion. I am in love with the way the colors work together — even if they are Alabama Football colors.



High school — the perfect time to show off your simple, comfortable looks! Emma Cate had a pair of beautiful metallic sneaks hidden that we HAD to work with. This ensemble includes a gray velvet t-shirt and her go-to jeans for everyday at school. Very subtle jewelry is necessary for this look, so it is perfect for school or shopping with friends. Emma looks very modern and chic — one of my favorite looks! This metallic color has taken over the fashion world and I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out.







Our next look is perfect for S U M M E R! Emma Cate has an incredible gymnast’s body that definitely should be shown off. We found a this blue, simple tank that would normally be overlooked, but looks perfectly with the shorts she found hidden in her drawers. The colors really pop out of the shorts, and show just enough skin to make it work. We paired a simple boho layered necklace with this outfit that fits perfectly with the color combo from the shorts. This look is inspired by bohemian comfort and I adore the way it fits Emma Cate! Another look she has ready to wear!


This final look was inspired by Emma Cate’s hope to be bold in color in her future fashions. We found this top from again, another hand-me-down, and paired it with a cream button-up skirt that normally is matched with only ONE top in Emma’s closet. We gave her a complete look for Christmas to match this skirt, and that is the only piece we’ve seen worn with this skirt. C’mon girl — it is so versatile! This top works great with the color of the skirt and shows Emma’s skinny little bod in a great way. This look is perfect for summer and adds a little flare to an everyday look — excited to see what she wears this one to!


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