Soul System

Inspired by soulful music of the 1970’s, Soul System demonstrates the spirit of soul train and the hippie lifestyle with flared pants, chunky platforms, and cozy turtlenecks. As one of 2019-2020’s most forecasted color, neo-mint will provide a pop of color for this trend against earthy browns, neutral oranges, and muted mustards. Consumers of the 21st century can express their desire to be bold with circle hoops, messy waves, and velvet and corduroy fabrics to bring the 70’s to the present.

Anthropologie Internship Application Trend Project, December 2018.

DI MODA: Trendbook for F/W 2018-2020

From cheetah print to 80's mania to holographics, Fall 2018 was one for the books. Trends were maximized, and consumers took individuality to a whole new level. Take a peak inside my trend book for F/W 2018-2020 to read about the latest trends of 2018, upcoming trends of F/W 2019-2020, featured pieces on brands like Zimmermann, consumer lifestyle, industry news, and more!

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Western Inferno

Fall 2019 is coming fast, and so are amazing new trends. "Western Inferno" is a mix between disco and Studio 54, paired with a rustic, romantic, Western feel. Fabrics include suede, lace, light linens, dark denim, and more. Trims & Embellishments include lace detailing, fringe, sparkle embellishments, and more. Fall 2019 is gonna rock the house for awesome trends!

Anthropologie Internship Application Trend Project, December 2018.

Game Day Craze

This table promotes our main focus for game day weekends: graphic tees. These particular t-shirts have been a high selling product, therefore we decided to put them on the front table. The different game day t-shirts are paired with a particular pair of shorts or skirt to give the consumers an idea of what kind of shorts could be worn with the particular top. Graphic tees are hard to display, because of the flatness in the shirt. This way, consumers can see ideally how to wear the shirt, and it looks clean and chic. I filled the white space with multiple game day color-ed earrings, and matching accessories. All the pieces are strategically placed on the table so that the bright game-day colors are highlighted and magnified. fab'rik, 2018.

Fall Bundle

This bundle of different styles works together very lightly. This particular table was a tough one to fill, due to our lack of coordinating styles that filled the table well. With this in mind, I took advantage of the many pieces highlighted on our instagram, and coordinated the pieces as highlighters on the table. Each of these pieces subtly filled the white space, and mingled together to create different outfit ideas within the table. I picked dresses, tops, jeans and skirts to all work together to be paired all different ways. This table highlights fall + versatility. fabrik, 2018.

Mustard Plaid

Brooklynn's has an awesome back wall to incorporate many trendy styles for the week. I had been researching trends, and noticed that plaids and stripes were the trends coming for Fall 2018, so near the end of summer, I went for a back to school wall to highlight the future trends coming after Summer 2018. I paired a turquoise, a mustard, a cream, and a nice maroon together to highlight future trend colors, and worked with the different patterns to mix up the look of the wall. I also highlight the easy striped shirts in the middle of the fall, so consumers could grab a few and move on to a new section of the store. These tops were all included in a promotion so they were highlighted here. Brooklynn's, 2018.

Warm & Comfortable Table Display

This table promotes a lot of different pieces within the table display using many different fixtures and attention-getting devices. To display the smaller pieces like jewelry, shoes, gifts, and more, I used a ladder fixture that held and displayed these pieces at eye level for customers. This idea catches their eye and increases promotion. I used 3 clothing pieces and folded nice and neatly to fill table space. The mannequins match the theme of color found within the blanket on the lower table. I wanted to make sure I matched the winter theme of sweaters and comfort within the table. All the other pieces are strategically placed so the eye can notice the bright color swells, the advertised jewelry, and the hanging purse meeting at eye level. Brooklynn's, 2018.

Camille & Co: Showroom Makeover

This project was more of a surprise. I worked alone to completely makeover this showroom, in a day. I chose each color scheme for the walls according to the clothing pieces available. The target market of this showroom is older women, so I had to let go of my trendy, bohemian outlook on clothing and focus on the theme of working on promoting to their target market. I chose the more blue wall as the biggest wall because of how popular these clothing pieces and colors have become. This showroom is selling for Spring, so I took that into consideration as well. In the makeover of this showroom, I utilized color themes, fixtures, and many more considerations to promote the new Spring clothing. America's Mart, Camille & Co, 2017.

Bull-Head Trending

This wall's main focus was the bull-head trend. This bohemian pattern influenced pillows, kimonos, crop tops, and more. With the plentiful colors included in the tops, it was very easy to find connecting colors. These different tops' colors are pulled from the main piece at the center--which then is reflected onto the shelves and under railings. The higher priced items are displayed throughout the wall, so that consumers will automatically grab the higher priced items, rather than the lower-priced pieces. This will increase sales. This variance of pieces + accessories + signs + more pulls the customers' eyes to look this trendy! Altar'd State, 2016.

Christmas PJs, oh my!

Altar'd State gave us the assignment via our merchandising guide to coordinating sweaters and pajamas + sets for Christmas time, so we took this idea and ran with it. This wall has a bohemian flare to it, while keeping it extremely comfortable and appealing. There were 4 PJ sets to choose from, which are highlighted underneath the three main face-outs. This merchandises the PJs, but keeps the wall muted and inviting, without overwhelming customers with the many selections. We took advantage of the white space to include as much product as possible. Altar'd State, 2016.


Americana: the aesthetic of true American. This wall is inspired by the good ol' red, white & blue with a twist of bohemian flair. The seasonal change took place in the transition between fall and winter, and this wall describes the flower children fashionistas of America. The different pieces highlighted above tend to be in the higher price range, giving consumers a first hand look at the more expensive pieces, therefore pulling them in that direction. I strategically placed every piece on the table and wall to minimize white space, and highlight the aspects of the Americana feel. Altar'd State, 2016.

Sweater + Bag + Shoe Trio

This wall incorporates many comfy sweaters, while highlighting new winter boots, in addition to some new trendy bags. The blues, pinks, and creams follow a light and easy feel and work together to create a comfortable winter vibe, while merchandising these trends in new proportions all together. Altar'd State, 2016.

Winter Pattern Party Mix

As busy as this wall may look, these colors work together to invite customers into a new comfy sweater look. Winter was just around the corner, and these styles were all the trend. The many different patterns in this wall all work together to grab the customers' attention to detail. I included all types of clothing pieces, flannels, sweaters, hats, scarves, etc. This variance of pieces shows the versatility of all the looks highlighted on this wall. Altar'd State, 2016.

White Christmas

This cubby incorporates two romantic-feel dresses, which include not only just these, but scarves, candles, bralettes, socks, and more. These two grays work together to complement one another and invite the customer into a warm, comfortable look. The bralettes hide the bare, white wall between the space of the shorter dress to keep the cubby filled. Altar'd State, 2016.

Trendy Bohemian

Blue + Green Wall: This wall encompasses a mix of bohemian fashions including suede fabrics, blue jean, hunter green and a cream. I placed each color + layering in place to balance out the wall to be visually appealing to consumers. This winter-themed wall includes purses, candles, scarves, wall signs, bralettes, and many more products for sale. I minimized white space adding shelving with accessories to keep the wall clean and sleek, but also add as much product as I could.  Altar'd State, 2016.


Purple + Orange + Gray Wall: Multiple colors can be found on this wall that satisfy the fall aesthetic with knits, scarves, cardigans and vests. Each piece within the wall was placed to pull consumers to the wall. The variance of colors pulls consumer's eyes to each piece, and gives them the ability to imagine themselves in the clothes. This wall was a wall we had a lot of trouble with due to the colors, but with effort, we utilized the color to build an incredible, bright trend. Altar'd State, 2016.