Lofty Legs & Les Fleurs

With summer comes beach vacations, graduation parties, and many other festivities involving the need for a new stylish ensemble. This week’s look includes pieces following the newfound “flower power” trend that is taking over the streets. The 70’s trends have been circling back into the everyday fashionista’s closets, as history always repeats itself. This inkling that seems to be incorporated in every single history class looks to be true for fashion designers throughout the country–fashion repeats itself, just as history does.

Peace signs & chokers have been found on the necks of teens, designers, famous actresses, and young adults. This ever-repeating trend raises the question: “Did chokers ever really go out of style?” I remember when I was a little girl, I used to wear those black plastic chokers that every trendy rocker would wear on the daily. My mom was completely annoyed and disappointed in my purchase of this edgy fashion fad. Those chokers came with an aura of bad news…these girls were obviously the ones breaking all the rules. Now, in the ever-changing fashion world, chokers are looked at as an important accessory, even when you’re wearing your sorority’s latest date night t-shirt. A choker has become almost essential to every outfit, whether it is a downtown look, a cocktail dress, or a casual outfit for shopping on the town. This changing world has brought the choker to a new light. Now, this ridiculously overlooked piece of neck jewelry has left a new footprint on the fashion world, and people all around the country wear them to parade a little extra spirit to their everyday look. It suggests a bohemian, carefree and friendly stylist, thus changing the authentic perception of the choker, from its original popularity in the 90’s. It is humorous to me: the way you dress seems to mirror how you live your life. If you show more skin, you seem to be more easy. If you get your nose pierced, you are looked at as more rebellious. If you wear long skirts, you follow all the rules. In my opinion, these judgements are completely and utterly wrong. The way you dress shouldn’t shape the way people think of you; you should be able to dress in anyway you want, without judgement, and use this as an expression of who you are. I show more skin, I have my nose pierced, and I wear long skirts here and there. I hope to goodness you wouldn’t look at me any different for these fashion fads. Your style is an expression of who you are. It is important to take this idea and run with it–and no one should stop you from expressing yourself.

This look comes from my favorite store, Altar’d State, all the way back in the sale section. I found this dress while cleaning out the sale section from hell (I love working at the store, BUT people throw that merch on the floor like it’s their own bedroom), and I fell in love with it. It’s slits down the arms give it a light, airy feel, and still keep the dress classy and easy to slip on. The long-sleeves deceive you: you would think that this dress was incredibly hot, but in reality, it has a very delicate feel. With the silk slip underneath, you’re able to wear this dress with ease and the ability to breathe, without worrying that you’re gonna flash your neighbor walking out of the house in a transparent dress. The floppy hat is another piece from Altar’d State and can be easily paired with any flowy, bohemian outfit. This hat not only gives this dress a more boho-feel, but also adds a little bit of accent to the dress, but not too much, considering it is such a statement piece. The Fringe Camel Brown Heels add a quiet, but complete feel to the outfit. Because this dress is see through from knees down, it gives you the ability to pair it with a beautiful pair of heels to show off those lengthy legs.

This look encompasses one of the most important things I have learned as a stylist: always add accessories. A dress may be beautiful on its own, like this one, but there is always something to add to complete the look. I have learned so much from working in retail, and this is one of the most important ideas to learn in fashion. When working at Altar’d State, each shift includes managing some kind of visual (the clothes you see displayed on the wall in the store), and this illustration is only complete with some kind of accessory. Before I leave the house, I add some kind of necklace or hat to my outfit to add a little extra spunk. If I don’t, a dress or a blouse can feel completely naked or boring. Accessories add a little extra you may not need, but once you see how much a necklace or a hat or a bracelet can do, you’ll never go back to the basics.

9 thoughts on “Lofty Legs & Les Fleurs”

  1. I love this!! Be bold!! So glad I have kept some things that do seem to come back in style!! Good job!!

  2. I FLIPPING LOVE THIS SITE. For someone whose fashion has no defined style, it’s going to be so helpful getting tips and tricks to guide my taste towards what’s new and what’s IN!! Keep it up!

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