In the Summer Spirit of Showing Some Skin…

In the newness of summertime, there is a feeling to each day as it gets hotter with the sweet & brilliant Georgia sun. As the days get warmer, skin gets tanner, and a feeling of movement comes with each day. Along with my attitude, my style switches from spring time flowers to bright summer colors. Floppy hats, layers of necklaces, and sundresses seem to follow and have become all the rage. My Forever 21 wish list is overflowing with jean skirts, jean shorts, crop tops & the trendy pieces that influence every fashionistas’ shopping bags.

With this new carefree, flowy, and hopeful attitude, mindsets change. As I lay in my bed (AGAIN) watching the Gossip Girl series for the seventh time, there is a huge sense of peace that comes with sitting in my own room, laying in my own bed, and bathing in my own bathroom. Don’t get me wrong, I loved that memorable little shoe box to no end–but it was time for a change. Walking down the hallway to brush your teeth got a little bit old. But in reality, I would 100% do it again. There is something about being home that is different than at school: intentionality. With friendships all over the country, from California to Maryland to South Georgia to North Georgia, it has become much harder for me to find the time to reach out and stay in contact with my new friends I met my freshman year. With social media comes major responsibility, but it has become way easier to stay in contact with my friends in Athens and all over the country. Summer brings hiking trips, beach vacations, working (how are we gonna pay for these beautiful clothes?), and an overwhelming number of pool days. The sun not only gives us the weather to jump into the pool with new and old best friends, but a time to spunk up your style just a little bit, with the freedom to show a little more skin than you usually should.

This look is perfect for a concert (Hey Hangout peeps!) or just a day out with friends. This ensemble may show a little more skin for that job interview or Sunday School luncheon, but it adds a little flare to your everyday look. This black Forever 21 skirt is perfect to pair with this look, and honestly any top that works with the color black (so 100% NOT navy). It is an essential summer buy, considering you can wear this now, but also as we transition into fall in a couple months. This skirt is one of my favorite of my recent buys, because it can be easily paired and shifted into many different types of styles. A bohemian look could pair this with a flowy crop top with extra shimmery layered necklaces, an edgy stylist could match this with a leather vest or jacket combined with ripped tights and Doc Martens, or a 70’s enthusiast may pair this skirt with vibrant colors that mirror the chunky, gaudy, and big-haired look. My favorite blue top is paired with this–Forever 21 again–which is another necessity for summer. This top can be paired with just about anything, because of it’s casual cotton fabric and easy slip-on. The super trendy Fabrik shades have become a go-to for me since Spring Break. They add so much spunk to an outfit and bring so much more color to your face than you would ever think possible. The soft pink shades add more color from the reflection of where you may be within the lenses, so the necessary necklace is a more bland piece. This black wrap necklace (bought at Atlanta’s Mart) is a perfect piece, and it adds a little more to your outfit, but still pushes the central focus to your face with the super fearless sunglasses.

When looking for an outfit for the day, I always try to find a central piece: it can be a necklace, a dress, a pair of earrings, or any kind of bright piece that can be accented by the other pieces invited to work within the ensemble. This central piece not only attracts the eyes of others, but adds a beautiful ora to give off of you that day. Whether you are walking into work, walking through Avalon, or walking through the beautiful streets of Atlanta, this theme resonates true for all types of wardrobes. The color blue sends a very calming message, while the color red sends more of a bold feel. Every piece you wear sends a message to bystanders of who you are and what you stand for, thus making it very important to keep that image bright. With summer taking over the beautiful people of the USA, I encourage you to step out of your comfort zones and find some zesty sunglasses to spice up your look.  

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