Fashion Feed: July 3-July 14

Hello fashionistas! Recently, I have moved my outfit ideas, tips & tricks to a more regular, informative way (YAY!), so I will now be posting a more detailed list of clothing and where I got every piece to help you guys shop and find essentials on your own on this page. Most of the links are selective in the commentary or the link includes something like the piece. Let’s do this people!

Wassup friends @copycat.that reporting live from Rosemary Beach, FL !! This cute ensemble comes straight from a little boutique, Dakota’s, in downtown Marietta–go check it out! These high waisted frayed pants mesh so well with this little striped crop top–and add a nautical feel to the look! Take advantage & buy these very versatile, comfortable, & sassy pants–you won’t be disappointed !!

Giving Key Necklace: $40

Ivy Lane Striped Crop Top: $40

Dakota’s Frayed Jeans: $74

H a p p y f o u r t h !! this American inspired look was put together with pieces from Forever 21, Dakota’s, Brighton & Ivy Lane (some of my favs)! My fav piece though–the Dakota bandana bound kimono is p e r f e c t for this ‘Merica themed day, as well as any other outing when you’re feeling extra patriotic! This comfortable and confident look highlights some American inspiration as well as some sassy fashionista confidence !! happy fourth!

Forever 21 Jean Skirt: $19.90

Forever 21 White & Blue Crop Top: $15.90

Brighton Belt: Unsure, hand-me-down from mother! 😉

Bandana Inspired Kimono: $55 (This link is kimonos like mine, this original is not available)

can i get a heck YES to beach finds?! this fun off-the-shoulder gray & white striped tank is comfy & super fun! even paired with this black jean skirt–it makes the ensemble comfy and casual this tank is perfect for georgia games, to dress up or dress down & everything in between 🙂 small beach boutiques = paradise

Amelia’s Island Top: A gift, unsure of price

Black Forever 21 Skirt: $17.90

Gold Ivy Lane Choker: $24.99

What a day, what a day! Back again, my sweet, fringe Dakota’s jeans are a perfect steal & combo for this outfit! I spent the day cashing in my life savings on new clothes & jewelry to spice up my college wardrobe (haul coming soon!!). I paired my jeans with a cut off burgundy turtleneck and traced the collar with an Earth Bound stone & metal necklace. The blue booties tie in the turquoise found in my necklace to my toes & are a super comfortable pair to walk a couple miles in as I shop around.

Dakota’s Frayed Jeans: $74

Blue Booties: $60

Earth Bound Necklace: $10

Mart Turtleneck Tank: $15

#StreetStyle !! This comfy & casual look was perfect for my drive to Atlanta & some crafts!! These stretchy high waisted skinny jeans are from Ahn & Ahn at America’s Mart & are essential for all seasons. The teeny green crop top is from American Eagle, and is slightly covered (emphasis on slightly) with a fab’rik black and white striped flannel. Paired with Birkenstocks, this ensemble is super comfortable & super easy to shop around in!

American Eagle Green Crop Top: $19.95 (Now $9.99!!)

fab’rik White & Black Flannel: $45

Ahn & Ahn Mart High Waisted Jeans: $35

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  1. You look so cute and original! Wish I was younger😊😩. I’m a bit to old but love your pux

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