My Story

I am not gonna bore you with a story filled with small little details of who I was. I would rather write a small story on who I have become in this past year. The new world of college has come with new ideas for my lifestyle, my aesthetic, my friends and how I react to the changes established before me. As I look back on the last 20 years of my life, I can take every single thing I’ve been through to shape who I am today and how I want to present myself. This transition of independence has taken my life by storm, given me the ability to look for money and power in the small things, and given me the ability to find the light in the dark days. Throughout this transition, I have wholeheartedly moved towards a more confident approach through my life. This theme, confidence, has taken over not only my life, but my style. Each and every moment seems to always be about confidence. Confidence shapes who we are as individuals each and every moment, and shapes how our lives are going to turn out. Through my fashionista attitude, my confidence seeps through in the cracks of my Forever 21 ripped jeans and Free People holy sweaters. My style resembles how I feel and how each and every moment of my life should model. Thanks for sticking around and learning more about me. Find your confidence in your own style, and watch the world transform around you.