"Reilley is the type of person anyone would want on their team: she looks to get involved, picks up extra slack without it being assigned to her, and does more than is asked of her continuously. She is a hard worker in the purest sense of the word."

Vanessa Vassileva, Editor In Chief of Little Red Book Magazine

Little Red Book Creative Director Spring 2019-2020

  • Worked to increase fluidity throughout general body and executive board members
  • Handled all communication with scheduling, emails, and the interworking of the general body and executive board members
  • Designed mood board for Spring/Summer 2019 issue
  • Aided in building a partnership with fab'rik Athens
  • Pushed team organization through Google Drive

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Little Red Book Assistant Fashion Editor Fall 2018

  • Develops relationships with the fashion editor and other members of the executive board to publish an issue of the magazine
  • Organizes meetings with local boutiques to borrow clothing for photoshoots, styling appointments, etc.
  • Establishes relationships with different boutiques in Downtown Athens