Welcome to Copycat That!

As the #Girlboss herself wrote, "Let your fashion freak flag fly." Welcome to my fashion freak flag. Every post you may witness on this blog will encompass not only my personal style, but ways you can incorporate these styles in your own daily life.

This blog will include more than just cute photos of my friends modeling (which we all know wouldn't be TOO bad) and where the go-to shopping stops are. Not that these are bad things at all, but I want to include something more with every post. I want my inspirations to be your inspirations, I want my dreams to help you find your dreams, and I want my style to help you find your own personal style.

I want to thank you so much for even visiting my site. Somehow you navigated here, and this must be for a reason. I hope and aspire that this site will give you infinite opportunities to be the fashionista I know you are. Please stay a while!




About Me

Hello! I am Reilley Shamblin, an eager Fashion Merchandising Student at the University of Georgia. Copycat That gives each and every one of you the inside scoop on how & why I style myself the way I do.


Sophia Amoruso wrote, "Dream big. Start small." Working in fashion has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl. This quote not only gave me the courage to be bold in my style, but to be bold in who I can become.


About My Style

My style ranges from Serena Van Der Woodson to Vanessa Hudgens to Lauren Conrad. My la mode resembles trendy patterns, bold colors, and hand-crafted accessories that spice up each ensemble.